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And that’s when he [Dan Harmon] told me the secret, the answer, the whole Kwanzaa.

“The first step, which you’ve already taken, is to open your eyes and see the shit on the page. The second step is to drink because it fucking sucks knowing how bad you are. It’s depressing. You can skip the drinking step if you want, it’s not a requirement. But the third step is also to drink, so you’ll have to skip two steps. You do pills? Weed?”

“I do Pop Tarts.”

“That shit’ll kill you.”

“I know, I’m working on it.”

“Okay, step four for you is sugar. Step five is delete. Keep the two percent that isn’t shit and delete the ninety-eight percent that’s shit. Rewrite it. Within your re-write, there will be two more percent that isn’t shit. Then just keep tossing the shit and replacing it until the ratio is tolerable.”

“How do I know when it’s tolerable?”

“I don’t know, make up your own answer, you’re the fucking hero in this, finish your own story, find your own Nemo, Schindle your own list.”

And that began the amazing exhausting process whereby Dan Harmon rewrote my shit, and his shit and everyone rewrote everyone’s shit until it was significantly less shit.


Andy Bobrow, a longtime staff writer on NBC’s (now sadly forsaken) show Community.
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Muppets Most Wanted Bloopers - Tina Fey (x)
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Because Tina’s barely a breaker… It’s very rare to see her miss a line or laugh, she’s very professional.

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Muppets Most Wanted bloopers in full!

More Ricky Gervais laughing, Constantine being silly, and the Muppets being hilarious. Also, any bloopers related to Walter make my heart happy (cause Peter Linz), and also these lines make my life: “This never happened on Sesame Street" and "What, I have more lines??”

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johnleguizamo​: another great day to be alive yo! #thenest

"Maura & James do tequila shots, Kate tells Maura to pace herself"

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I don't get the 'revamped ellis island' thing? Can you explain?


Sure thing!

Firstly, Tina and Amy’s characters are named Kate and Maura Ellis respectively. So there’s that.

But Ellis Island is an island in NYC (or I guess… New Jersey actually?) that is known for being an immigration station, with millions of immigrants passing through it, from 1892 to 1954. Now Ellis Island is part of the Statue of Liberty National Monument, and has a museum of immigration that people can visit.

I hope that helps to give some background!

So you can guess (or at least I’m guessing) that with the “Revamped Ellis Island” in the back of a party scene… It’s a play on their last names, obviously, and then quite possibly a play on the historical site.

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Guys, Tina’s playing a fucking vamp in that movie.

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Sorry… NO, I’m not sorry at all, Tina’s wearing shorts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and she’s gonna dance in shorts

and I’m gonna die


and… okay FUCK.

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do you ever wake up and feel like you’re skinnier but then by the end of the day you’re like nope still gross

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